Eclectic Whispers and Intuitions Book of Poems
by Karl Kevin Smith
17 Preview Poems 

"Day One "
To see the unknown
     With blinded eye.
No need to panic
     Or start to cry.
Your journey
     Takes you very far.
Past distant planets
     We call a star. 
With light that shines
     So bright to be.
Angels walk and
     Talk to thee.
For time has come
     To take a look.
Into your life
     We call the Book.
For God has cast
     His last decree.
TO free your soul
     To bask with He.

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"Dead Soldiers"
As we
     Live inside a foxhole.
Torn apart
     As the story unfolds.
I watched
     You walk with a man.
With realities
     He couldn't understand.
I watched
     You survive mortal combat.
And the abuse
     That comes with that.
Too young
     To enlist in your war.
But old enough
     To receive a scar.
I watched
     Him leave home base.
To set up
     Camp without our face.
I watched you
     Love with all of your heart.
As dual roles
     Are now your parts.


How can
     Innocence raise a baby?
     And drowning in maybe's.
In the
     Streets all by herself.
Shun by blood
     And everyone else.
In a cruel
     World, cold and unkind.
Everyone looks
     But decides to go blind.
Her realities
     Are full of conclusions.
Left to do
     Right in a world of delusions.
     Led her to a test.
To bury
     A treasure in a chest.


"Lost Jewel"
You see me
     As the invisible man.
I'm light years
     Beyond understand.
I'm also your
     Lady with wealth.
In the prime
     Of physical health.
I have
     Degrees and PHD's.
No need to
     Fabricate my histories.
I lost
     Myself many years.
In mental
     Illness cosmic fears.
Lost inside
     A creative mind.
Looking for clues
     That hides from find.
     Serves only one cure.
To slow down
     Thoughts before they mature.

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"Broken Flower"
Dream on
     You beautiful flower.
     Love without dollar.
     Can you escape your plight?
As you
     Run through the night.
     By a fisted man.
While eyes
     Drown in watery hands.
On bended
     Knees he confesses his sorrow.
But introduces
     More pain before tomorrow.


"Wrong Way"
Innocent but
     Proven that of guilt.
Based on lies
     As the case was built.
Many years
     I lived in a cage.
Befriended only
     By relentless rage.
Never freely
     To touch your hand.
As glass
     Serves as an invisible stand.
The sadness
     I see in your eyes.
     When we say good-byes.
How can one
     Be compensated for such a lost?
For guilty time
     Served at innocence cost.


"Guilded Cage"
You imagine things
     That do not exist.
Negative thoughts
     You can not resist.
You watch and stalk
     With criminality.
In a hidden place
     You call mentality.
You trap those
     With your jealous ways.
With a darken mind
     That is always in a haze.
Your guilded cage
     It has no key.
Permanent prisoner
     Of your insecurities.

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Does a blade
     Of grass begin to cry?
When knowing
     That it is time to die.
Dew refuses to
     Give grass a drink.
A terrible plight
     For one you think.
As the sun starts
     Its brutal assault.
On those exposed
     In total drought.
For in a brown
     State one ends.
As the metamorphosis


As a leaf runs
     Through the grass.
Knowing that the
     Present has past.
It hurries as
     Autumn turns to snow.
Freezing all in
     Mannequin's pose.
It hides out
     In a wintry grave.
Closed to heat
     Cold to brave.
It takes the touch
     Of spring's hand.
To radiate the frozen
     From the land.


As I drown
     Inside your eyes.
Without secrets
     Of disguise.
I find myself
     Trapped within.
The sensuous
     And softness of your skin.
I feel the
     Deepness of your tide.
Stirring emotions
     Deep inside.
I taste the 
     Sweetness from your lips.
While enjoying the
     Visit of the trip.


"Winter Rose"
A cold rose 
Full of love.

Never asking for
Coat or gloves.

She stands shivering
Outside my door.

In an open garden
That protects no more.

As the wind blows
Her petals away.

She clings to life
On every sway.

"Sweet Morphine"
Sweet Morphine
     You seductive person.
Friend to those
     Whom life you worsen.
Refusing no one
     As they come through your doors.
Turning many
     Into your personal whores.
As you travel
     In our veins.
     All our pains.
You introduce us
     To your sensations.
Euphoria your
     Favorite invitations.
SWEET Morphine
     With your numbing touch.
When is enough
     Too much!
Sweet Morphine
     You addictive friend.
Does your ride
     Ever end?

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As you
     Sit upon a shelf,
     Amused by yourself.
     Entertain thoughts of misery.
That this
     Fate doesn't belong to me.
As dust
     Starts to accumulate.
And listens
     As you articulate.
Why do
     I stay in this space?
     Never step out of place.


"Katrina Nola 82905"
As you see
     And ignore our pains.
So full of
     Self with disdains.
The strength we had
     Begins to leave breath.
As we live in a soup
     Recipe for death.
For to see masses
     In terror and plight.
While the old
     And young die tonight.
Our calls for help
     Lands upon deaf ears.
As politics crawl 
      To understand our fears.
We now drown
     In this deep sorrow.
Waiting for hope
     Today or tomorrow.


"Missing You (2)"
I miss you
     More than the planets miss the sun.
I need you
     More than a bullet needs a gun.
I realize you
     Are trying to find your way to the light.
While dealing
     With circumstances that are not very bright.
I do not pretend
     To understand the depths of what you are feeling.
But in time
     I can comprehend the meaning they are revealing.
     You will find yourself out of confusion.
And I will still
     Be waiting unlike an optical illusion.
So take all the time
     You need to handle your play.
Because even a monsoon 
     Turns into a sunny day.


"My an Angel too"
My an angel too.
With wings that float in the blue.
Visually appealing too.
Righteously through and through.
My an angel too.
With a halo that accompanies you.
Articulator of God's decree.
Beautiful words flow from thee.
Pain and sorrow never sounded so sweet.
When voiced by you it was so unique.
Honey never dripped so divinely from one's tongue.
As you recited poetry into a melodic song.
My an angel too.
Words never seems to elude you.
With lips pursed to say more.
A cornucopia of poetic galore.
My an angel too.
Ascending into the sky of blue.
Perfection has always been kind to you.
Never tarnishing always true.


Mother we often cried for you.
To be cradled in your busom too.
Oh, how we missed being with you,
Even though you sold us for a coin or two.
Chattel without restitution,
Indentured within prostitution.
Centuries we still think of you,
About your past and our future's too.
Ocean rides we cried for you,
As pain and sorrow were our clues.
Bloodlines were severed too,
But we are still bound by DNA too.
We often regretted being with you,
Still full of pride and honor too.
With all the pain and suffering we went through,
We never forgot about the beauty of you.

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