Eclectic Whispers and Intuitions Book of Poems
by Karl Kevin Smith

Welcome to my website!
I'm Karl Kevin Smith, author of Eclectic Whispers and My newest book,
IntuitionS Book of Poems.

About my latest book, Eclectic Whispers

The conception of "Winter Rose" was conceived on a winter day in December.  I was looking out the backdoor window and I noticed this beautiful red rose in full bloom in the snow.  After observing it for a few moments, inspiration ran its course.

The conception of "Blade" was conceived in the summer when it had not rained for a, well, let's say for awhile.  I observed how the grass was beginning to turn brown.  And the idea was developed.

"Day One" was conceived when I started thinking about the first day of life after death. After that "Day One" was conceived.

"Dead Soldiers" conception was based upon a father leaving his family.

"Broken Flower" conception was based upon a lady believing her abuser will someday stop.

I could go on and on, but now you should enjoy the Preview Poems